Gaudí’s Gorgeous Sagrada Familia

Not a single space within Antonin Gaudí’s intricate Sagrada Familia is without symbolism, including the ceiling. The ornate columns are meant to resemble trees. 

Happy birthday….we all die before our time…

Jimi Hendrix
Born: November 27, 1942
Age: 27 years old
Seattle, WA


Marcel Duchamp

c. 1919

merci Solange!

merci Solange!

Ursula Abresch…Wonderful image..merci Solange!

Ursula Abresch…Wonderful image..

merci Solange!

the master…

Girl at an Open Half Door, by Rembrandt

Never Stop! 

Never Stop! 


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times change…

Arneson And Bob. Joe Fafard. 1980 earthenware, glaze, acrylic paint, wood, metal, plastic. MacKenzie Art Gallery, University of Regina collection.

André Kertész - @classiquecom

"Traveller." by Martin Stavars

Kdo jí maso, ten lže a krade!

Bruno Bourel - In the Castle, 1991.